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A lot of neato stuff happened in , along with some serious unpleasantries. North Korea invaded their southern sibling, starting a tragic war masquerading as a police action. On the more positive side of things, the first self-service elevator was installed by the Otis Corporation. Zenith introduced the first television remote control and appropriately named it the Lazy Bones. Charles Schulz invented Charlie Brown, and more importantly, Snoopy. James Dean got his big break starring in a Pepsi commercial. Since introduction in January , Remington has sold some number bigger than 10 million of shotguns. The official history of Remington claims the was introduced in January


The guns were generally highly rated in period reviews. Although shotgun writer Bob Brister remarked that the Super-X Model 1 was the most reliable autoloading shotgun in a sandstorm, the duck blinds were full of less costly Remington s and Browning Automatic-Fives. Shortly after the Super-X Model 1 was introduced, in , FN succumbed to the high cost of Belgian labor and, in an effort to shave costs, moved A-5 production to Japan. It was a challenging time to release an expensive autoloader, for sales of the Browning A-5 were already dwindling and the less expensive Remington had a decade-long head start, was a resounding success and was available in all popular gauges, including.

Beretta was a relative newbie to autoloading shotguns, making their first in In the United States, their market share was minimal.

Well, where do I begin? I guess we’ll start low and work our way up to the last 99 offerings. First off is the model , this is an easy one to identify, it will have a serial number under and the pads on the sides of the receiver will be rounded instead of pointed like the model ’s and ’s.

If you have the lists in something like the Blue Book of GunValues. It can be found at most any book store, and ordered online. Or, you may try contacting Browning on their number with theserial number of your Winchester. Winchester firearms is now ownedby Browning. They can tell you when it was made. The “WinchesterManufacture Dates” link on the right of this page will probablytell you everything you need to know about the date of your gun.

How do you find out who manufactured an old shotgun? I’ve never heard of any non-metalic hammer extensions. Or a wooden buttplate either. Are there any marks that you do not think are “identifying”? Separate the forearm, barrels and receiver and look for letters, numbers or symbols. How do you find the date of manufacture on a JC Higgins Model 20 shotgun? Higgins name was only put on guns through It could have serial numbers located next to the trigger on the bottom plate, but a magority don’t.

Winchester Model 12 Serial Number

I came upon this one in a local sale today and the overall condition of the gun was so nice that I couldn’t pass it up even with the unfortunate addition of the Cyclone choke added to it at some point in its life. This Model 12 serial number dates it to It is ‘US and lit bomb’ marked on the right side of the receiver.

The Winchester rifle cartridge has been around since Today, years later, it remains a popular choice for ammunition. The cartridge shoots a caliber bullet from a case about the length of the/ case. But the case has a narrower diameter, less powder capacity, and lower pressures than the

Tweet Winchester Model 62a pump action rifle advertisement. This gun would become one of the most widely used gallery guns at carnivals and boardwalks. With roots dating back to the s, the Winchester Model 62 was the best of a long line of. These handy guns put food on the table, taught many a young shooter, and proved the weapon of choice for those who would plink tin cans, clay ducks, or spin the pinwheels at carnival shooting galleries on warm summer days.

Why was it invented? In the year , a few things happened at Winchester. The company picked up a new president, Mr.

Dating winchester mod 94

The standard Model 12 rifle was a pump action. Deluxe varieties have checkered forearms and stocks, and may have other added features e. Barrel length is one criteria that will be used to differentiate among the different Model Configurations of the Remington Model Barrel length is measured from the end of the barrel tip below the front sight , to the end of the barrel threads beyond where the barrel inserts into the receiver in the middle of the gun.

In the Model 12 Remington, you can measure from the top of the receiver from where the bolt opening ends, to the barrel tip, to get an accurate overall barrel length. This will give you the correct barrel length measurement.

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Serial Number at Start of Year: You have a Winchester Sporting Rifle. If your gun has a serial number less than you have a First model Sporting Rifle. If the serial number is less than 14, add to value. If the serial number is higher, you have a later production Sporting Rifle. Add 20 to value if gun is a takedown version. Winchester Model 94 in 30 WCF for sale.

Manufacture date via serial number puts this rifle as having been made between. Milestones in the Numbering of the Winchester Model

, 18- , ,

Introduced in it was an upgrade of the famous Model Designed to make manufacturing a bit easier with improvements to handle the new cartridge that was introduced with it, this was the last of the big-frame leverguns made by Winchester. The Model was designed during the black powder era for large black powder cartridges.

by B.B. Pelletier. Most of you don’t know this, but I receive many questions and comments on the older blogs. One of them, the one about the Daisy No. 25 pump-action BB gun, is particularly active, and the questions are almost always the same.

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The movie tells the story of the property and Sarah’s plight to expand it, following the death of her spouse and her child, in an attempt to banish the evil spirits she thinks are locked inside. Sarah is convinced that she was cursed and her home was haunted by the souls of those who had been killed by the Winchester rifle – her family business.

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I would add that there always seems to be a lot of confusion about the “G” prefix. To cut to the chase, a serial number with the “G” prefix, and a serial number without a prefix are plain and simple, different serial numbers. You cannot use the charts for non-prefix numbers and expect a “G” prefix number to correlate. Another reason for confusion, is that the “G” serial numbers do a bit of jumping around.

When Winchester began producing the Classics in , they went back and started using lower “G” prefix numbers, that had never been used, when they started the “G” prefix in , or whenever, on the push-feeds.

The (or WCF for “Winchester Centerfire“) has long interested me for its value as a small game and varmint round, and as a neat little cast bullet cartridge.

The cartridge case is ideal for cast bullet use. This is one of a select few rifles of the smokeless powder era that really likes cast bullets. Before I began shooting cast bullets I decided to clean the barrel and remove all traces of copper fouling. While the cleaner worked extremely well for me, let me warn you that you cannot plug this thing in and let it clean your gun while you sit and watch TV. The “Foul-Out II” works as a reverse electro-plating process. The copper that is on the bore is removed and is plated onto a stainless steel rod that is part of the unit.

Instructions with the unit must be carefully followed or you can ruin your barrel. First the barrel was thoroughly cleaned and degreased. Since leverguns must be cleaned from the muzzle unless you take them completely apart , I used a muzzle protector to keep the cleaning rod from wearing any of the rifling or muzzle away.

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Dating winchester rifles by serial number Dating winchester mod 94 These serial number figures assume an equal number produced each year of these gaps in the record. The ramp front sight had become standard and the character of the true blurred. Lately, there has been a lot of back and forth over exactly when a particular serial numbered gun was manufactured.

NOTE: This type discussion, along with the foregoing material, is based on personal examination of numerous Bed Rock specimens since Many specimens have been seen, but there is always the potential for finding a new type or an anomaly. The format used for the type discussions and trademark designations generally follows other published studies.

All pre Model 70’s are in the range 1 – , production ended in October The “G” prefix was applied in compliance with federal regulations resulting from the Gun Control Act of ; no duplicate firearm serial numbers could be produced by a manufacturer. Winchester added a letter prefix to the existing serial number range for each model. There is confusion about exactly when and at what number the “G” was first applied. Rule states it happened at serial number 1, , on August 25, DeHass states that it happened at serial number , in concurrent with the improvements of , notably the guide lug on the bolt.

The Blue Book states serial number G in I know DeHass is incorrect; I have seen and owned one high , series and there are reported low , series Model 70’s without the “G” prefix. Blue Book may be the closest to being correct in this case. Two representative serial numbers owned or documented:

Winchester Model 12 – 16 gauge 1941