Where do I hook the tachometer wire?

Some of these are original, most are “gleaned” from others a cut-paste reminders You will need to provide detail info. Run the engine at about RPM, and the voltage at the battery should be It goes down at higher temperature, so if it’s in the 80’s or 90’s, you may only get to If it’s low, remove the left body panel side cover and about half way up the vertical frame section behind the motor, you will find a plug that has 3 white with a blue? Inspect this for burned wiring. If you find a lead that’s been overheated, you can cut the plug out, and connect the wiring directly by twisting one stator lead and one regulator lead together, and then soldering them and taping them.

Pertronix Ignition 2nd gen Camaro tach hook up

Originally Posted by cadreamn67 Just some thoughts from left field. I seem to recall that usually the problems with electronic ignitions and our OEM tachs is there is not enough of a pulse signal coming back from the coil to trigger the tach’s circuitry. Here it sounds like you are getting two pulses for every one you should be getting.

I do not see how it could be relevant, but are you sure you have a correct Pertronix unit for a 8 cylinder and not a 4 cylinder i. Just seems strange you are getting twice the number of pulses reflected back through the power wire that runs through the tach to the coil. Were it me, I would have a friend confirm the installation of the Pertronix wiring is correct.

How to Hook Up a Tachometer to an MSD Ignition by Bobby R. Goldsmith Whether you have a factory, OEM tachometer or an aftermarket gauge, proper installation with the electric spark system is crucial to getting an accurate reading.

Installation Instructions A tachometer is a good addition to any vehicle equipped with a manual transmission. Installation of the Autogage Tachometer was fairly simple with only minor wiring including a wire to the distributor, a good ground, a 12 volt switched power source and a wire to power the tach’s light. The following write-up is an overview of the installation I followed and includes a few illustrations from the installation guide provided from Autogage. To change the tach to operate on 4 or 6 cylinder engines, a pair of dip switches are located within the tach to make the adjustment.

To get to the cylinder dip switches you have to remove rear cup by placing the tachometer face down on. A phillips screw retains the cup so remove that screw located on the back. Gently lift the cup off to expose the circuit boards. Careful not to pull on the wires. Locate the dips switches on the circuit board. Move each of the two switches to the proper cylinder selection according to the diagram illustration on the right.

Tach hook up

How do I hook up my tachometer? Standard Ignition Coil If you have a standard ignition coil you can use the negative terminal of the coil for the signal source. If you have a high output capacitive energy discharge type coil it is recommended that you install a tachometer filter to prevent damage to the tachometer.

The pink lead from the tachometer connects to the (+) positive post (terminal) of the coil. The pink lead suppliesvolts to the tachometer when the ignition is turned on.

Staff 9 The 6. It simply reads the stator pulses like it would those of an ignition charge pulse since they are both similiar in wave length. GM didn’t make the tach run off of the PCM in the 6. The PCM couldn’t produce this signal so they would have had to of made a tch generator to have run it or changed the tachometer, so they instead used the alternator stator output which produces a coil type wavelength and signal.

Saved quite a bit of money on there part actually and provides a decent tach when you have the right pulley on it. As for adding a tach to your 6. The older SI series would involve tapping into the stator to get the tach signal out of it unlike the CS series where the stator output is part of the regulator plug. It is possible though as the marine industry still uses the SI series of alternator and makes tachs just for hooking up to them.

I would reccomend going with a marine style tach as they have a broad adjustment range in most all of them via a set of dip switches in them. And also they are specifically made to read the stator pulse that the alternator produces.

GM Muscle Car Tach Voltage Requirements – Pit Stop

There will also be a slot next to it that says “BAT” for battery. I posted photo 2 showing how it clips in, but you will only be using the “TACH” plug. The other red connector wire you have is most likely used for the “BAT” terminal on the HEI cap, but you don’t need it for your hood tach as you will use your factory wiring or whatever the instructions say for all other wires on the hood tach.

How do I hook up my tachometer? Standard Ignition Coil If you have a standard ignition coil you can use the negative terminal of the coil for the signal source. Use the SIG 2 (In-Dash Tach) or green wire (Pedestal Mount Tach) input (see “Signal Hookup” in the instructions).

In the vein of Project X, the AMD Chevelle started with an extensive ground up restoration, with the overall goal to make it a long-term test project car. With the original long gone, we built and installed a. Next up was a set of Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads. Problem was the car had never been to the strip and we wanted to see what we were starting with. Although the Auto Meter tach was installed temporally the wiring we did was done to last for the long run.

The AMD Chevelle with its slightly heated-up inch ran At Westech, our trusty SS Chevelle produced Thanks to our temporarily mounted Auto Meter tach when the day was done we jumped on the freeway and knew our engine never revved over rpm at highway speeds, despite a set of 3. After disconnecting the battery the next step was to locate an existing hole in the firewall to route the wiring through from the distributor to the tachometer. Then a scratch awl was used to punch a hole through the firewall insulation mat for the wiring to pass through.

To prevent electrical damage always look before stabbing: Viewing from the inside of the firewall notice the sharp end of the scratch awl protruded in an area where it would not damage existing wires. Here is everything that was needed to install the Auto Meter tachometer including the tools that were necessary. Additional wire need to supplement the length of the Auto Meter tach harness came from Painless.

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Wasted spark with multiple coils It can also support coil per plug in some installs. For wasted spark you require a minimum of single “missing tooth” crank wheel, only engines with an even number of cylinders being supported. You need at least for 4cyl, for 6cyl or for 8cyl. However, the wheel is probably the easiest to obtain. The MS ECU can drive up to 6 seperate spark outputs, meaning it can run up to a 12 cylinder in wasted spark mode.

Electronic Ignition Tach: How It Works In a Distributorless Ignition System (DIS), each coil is responsible for firing one or a pair of plugs, so they fire less frequently.

Tue Aug 18, 8: I got the tube ones because I thought I was going to be cutting the existing wires on my bike, then inserting them into each end of the tube, along with a tach wire into one end of the tube, and crimping it, but I guess not. Mon Aug 24, 6: I got a soldering tool and some heat shrink, and some extra connectors too, just in case. Now for the wires Let’s talk about the black wire first, since I think it’s the easiest one.

Dauntless Tach Not Working

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Hook up tach to coil. Sometimes bench-test coils by connecting the coil’s – use part. Battery into the coil to the coil on to the positive side of 12 to an ignition coils. The ignition system up the supply is fully seated. By connecting an ignition coil is a battery is a 12 – side of your engine ground systems.

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