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Under a Creative Commons license open access Abstract The Plio-Pleistocene locality of Kromdraai B has yielded the type specimen of Paranthropus robustus, as well as 27 additional fossil hominin specimens. In a number of both cranial and dental features, the states shown by the Kromdraai Paranthropus are more conservative when compared to the more derived conditions displayed by both South African conspecifics and the post Since , we excavated the earliest known infilling of the Kromdraai cave system in a previously unexplored area.

This new locality provided as yet identifiable macrovertebrate fossils, including 22 hominins, all tied in the earliest part of the stratigraphic sequence, representing three distinct depositional periods. Since we report here, for the first time, the occurrence of fossil hominins in Members 1 and 2, our discoveries stretch the time span of hominin evolution at Kromdraai and contribute to a better understanding of the origin of Paranthropus in southern Africa.

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The Plio-Pleistocene site of Kromdraai, Gauteng province, South Africa (26°00′41″S, 27°44′60″E), is an unroofed dolomite cave partially shaped by the erosional surface and filled with fossil-bearing deposits, situated approximately 2 km east of Sterkfontein Caves, on the southern side of the Blaauwbank stream.

Close to Killarney and Rosebank mall. Also close to major transport routes. Suitable for a single person. Contact me on R 3, Published in: The guest house comprises of two Asian-themed rooms, one London loft and a family flat, of which the rooms feature en-suite bathrooms, DStv and Wi-Fi Internet access; the loft features kitchenette, a bathroom, a shared DStv channel and a fireplace; and th R 1, Published in: Use of fully equipped kitchen, large garden,and pool.

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A Case Study ‘There are many costs to travelling further to school. However, the disadvantages of not accessing quality education may be greater. Education enables social mobility. This is particularly true in a context of high inequality and high unemployment, such as exists in South Africa. This is one reason why some parents choose to send their children to schools further away from home — often at considerable financial and social cost.

The second term of the school year has just resumed but the Gauteng Department of Education is already preparing for next year It will officially open an online application system for Grade 1 and Grade 8 admissions in on Monday next week.

The core cultural precinct containing the internationally famous Market Theatre, Museum Africa and numerous dance and music venues straddles the historic Mary Fitzgerald Square. The precinct can be divided into the Market Precinct located north of the square which is dominated by the Market Building – home to the Market Theatre and Museum Africa. The south and northbound M1 freeway overpass dissects Newtown and adjacent Fordsburg in the west, while the railway lines to the north mark the border between Newtown and Braamfontein.

In the plans for Newtown the strict grid pattern of the CBD has been adopted. This involved formalising the townscape, developing infrastructure and strictly enforcing racial segregation. Map of Johannesburg dated in which the Brickfields can be identified. Milner retired as High Commissioner in From to he played a prominent role in British politics. He was a strong proponent of British Empire Federalism and in became Town Clerk of Johannesburg, where he initiated a number of reform projects to modernise the administration of the City.

Under his administration electrical tramways were introduced to replace horse-drawn trams. Curtis also played a prominent role serving on the Johannesburg Insanitary Area Improvement Scheme Commission and was a proponent of the clearance of Brickfields in favour of the redevelopment and industrialisation of Newtown. Collectively the Arc incorporates four theatre complexes, various dance studios, live music venues, significant museum and art collections, historic sites and monuments, as well as a year-round programme of cultural events.

Since a number of public artworks have also been installed in Newtown and Braamfontein.

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He later built a house next to the Alberton stream or Natalspruit, close to where the civic centre stands today, and married. After his wife died in at the birth of their fourth daughter, he decided to start a general store and built his farmhouse mansion in The house was miraculously left unharmed during the Anglo Boer War of — and can still be seen today from the bypassing N12 freeway. General Hendrik Abraham Alberts, a veteran of the war, and head of a syndicate, purchased a part of the farm Elandsfontein in from Org and he decided on the name Alberton.

The primary school Generaal Alberts, and Hennie Alberts Avenue in the suburb of Brackenhurst, are named after the town founder. The first official post office was opened in , and in building work started on a town hall.

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Most sites are in caves or are associated with rocky outcrops or water sources. The Taung Skull, found in a limestone quarry at Dart Pinnacle amongst numerous archaeological and palaeontological sites south-west of the Sterkfontein Valley area, is a specimen of the species Australopithecus Africanus. Fossils found in the many archaeological caves of the Makapan Valley have enabled the identification of several specimens of early hominids, more particularly of Paranthropus, dating back between 4.

Collectively these sites have produced abundant scientific information on the evolution of modern humans over at least the past 3. They constitute a vast reserve of scientific information, with enormous potential. The sites contain within their deposits all of the key interrelated and interdependent elements in their palaeontological relationships. Alongside and predating the hominid period of occupation is a sequence of fossil mammals, micro-mammals and invertebrates which provide a window onto faunal evolution, palaeobiology and palaeoecology stretching back into the Pliocene.

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Story Party Joburg | True Dating Stories, P.O.P. Art, Fox Street, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Gauteng, South Africa. Fri Jul 27 at pm, Story Party is the live storytelling show about the one topic we all struggle with — DATING?. At Story Party we ask you to put away your phones?

South Africa is the 25th-largest country in the world by land area and it is the southernmost country on the mainland of the Old World or the Eastern Hemisphere. About 80 percent of South Africans are of Sub-Saharan African ancestry, divided among a variety of ethnic groups speaking different Bantu languages, the remaining population consists of Africas largest communities of European, Asian, and multiracial ancestry.

South Africa is a multiethnic society encompassing a variety of cultures, languages. Its pluralistic makeup is reflected in the recognition of 11 official languages. During the 20th century, the black majority sought to recover its rights from the dominant white minority, with this struggle playing a role in the countrys recent history.

The National Party imposed apartheid in , institutionalising previous racial segregation, since , all ethnic and linguistic groups have held political representation in the countrys democracy, which comprises a parliamentary republic and nine provinces. South Africa is often referred to as the Rainbow Nation to describe the multicultural diversity.

The World Bank classifies South Africa as an economy. Its economy is the second-largest in Africa, and the 34th-largest in the world, in terms of purchasing power parity, South Africa has the seventh-highest per capita income in Africa. However, poverty and inequality remain widespread, with about a quarter of the population unemployed, nevertheless, South Africa has been identified as a middle power in international affairs, and maintains significant regional influence.

The name South Africa is derived from the geographic location at the southern tip of Africa. Upon formation the country was named the Union of South Africa in English, since the long form name in English has been the Republic of South Africa. In Dutch the country was named Republiek van Zuid-Afrika, replaced in by the Afrikaans Republiek van Suid-Afrika, since the Republic has had an official name in each of its 11 official languages.

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