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Newly married, sailing in rocky seas. Professionally in the creative field. When he first joined oilfield, I had no idea how much things were about to change, I doubt he knew about it too. Did not even realise when the day work trips turned to months long. First, they were just domestic then national and then international. Now he goes away for 2 or more months altogether with a month at least.

US company Hilcorp gives 1350 employees $137,000 bonus

Elmer McCurdy was one of that legion of rootless men who drifted west across America during the restlessness of the frontier era. Leaving Maine in his youth, he worked as a plumber, a miner and a soldier before a brief and subsequently fatal career as an outlaw, one of the more inept of that breed. Under normal circumstances, he would have disappeared into dust without leaving the merest trace upon the sands of history. But fate decreed differently for McCurdy, or whichever of the several aliases he used.

I am an oilfield wife. Had been an oilfield girlfriend for the last 5+ years and had been dating my husband for the past 12 years. When he first joined oilfield, I had no idea how much things were.

There are two basic methods of using acids to stimulate production: Fracture acid stimulation Matrix acid stimulation Fracture acid stimulation Fracture acidizing is to pump the acid treatment above the fracturing pressure of the reservoir rock, which create long, open channels from the wellbore penetrating deep into the formation. Fracture acid stimulation is usually carried out on carbonate reservoirs, which have lower permeability than sandstone reservoirs. It can be used to either remove formation damage or stimulate undamaged formations to produce conductive channels within the fracture where oil and gas can migrate.

A problem with fracture acid stimulation is that much of the acid is used up near the wellbore and is not available for etching the fracture faces farther from the wellbore. In addition, the acid stimulation fluid follows the paths of least resistance and create typically long-branched passageways leading away from the fracture interface, which are called “wormholes”. Later injected fracturing fluid tend to leak off into the wormholes rather than lengthening the desired fracture.

Leak off control techniques need to be utilized to avoid this.

Ghawar Field

This week, the court ruled against an appeal filed by Enable Oklahoma Intrastate Transmission Company, previously known as Enogex. Originally, a Bureau of Indian Affairs official ruled the landowners had to approve the new easement, however that was overturned by a BIA regional director. A judge agreed, awarding costs and attorney fees to landowners.

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In view of this major environmental geology problem in Dezhou City that continuous overexploiting of deep groundwater has caused he rapidly-expansion of groundwater drop funnel in recent years, the dynamic change of deep groundwater in Dezhou City was systematically analyzed as well as the evolution and development of hydrodynamic field and deep drawdown cone in temporal and spatial variation was simulated by the application of the numerical Model. On the basis of hydrogeological conditions generalized in this region, Visual MODFLOW software was applied to build mathematical model of groundwater and stimulate the seepage field of groundwater.

It predicted the expansion of groundwater drop funnel and the change of underground water level under the conditions of exploitation situation and different designed exploiting volume by the model built. The depth reduction and variation of groundwater under different design schemes for pumping rate were argued by contrast analysis of the calculated results. When time is equal to 5a , the decline depth of groundwater is at 4.

When is equal to 10a , is at According to the model stimulation of groundwater flow and the results of water balance analysis, the exploitation project was proposed that the drawdown cone would not further expand. In order to complete the geological survey of Harbin, it is necessary to understand the regime and law of groundwater in Harbin with the method of groundwater numerical modeling which requires the evaluation of groundwater resources quantity as a basic and critical step.

Based on the analysis of hydrogeological conditions of the shallow aquifer in Harbin which includes the characteristics of aquifer system structure, boundary conditions, groundwater regime and recharge and discharge, a conceptual hydrogeological model has been built up with GMS Groundwater Modeling System. With the numerical simulation model transferred by the conceptual model, the total amounts of renewable groundwater resources under different precipitation frequencies have been calculated.

The result not only illustrates that the shallow aquifer in Harbin has certain potential in development and utilization but also provides some reference for managing a highly precise groundwater quantity evaluation by groundwater numerical modeling techniques. In this study, the latest version of river boundary modular in MODFLOW, was employed in this watershed for the case study of coupled calculation between river and aquifer.

Because of the complex interaction of groundwater and surface water in this area, the coupling model of SFR modular for river diffusive wave model and isochronal cell method for overland flow confluence model and numerical calculation of groundwater is coupled to simulate the runoff process of Weihe river.

Paycut and Oilfield Family

He reports regularly on energy and environment issues for national NPR audiences and other national outlets, and serves as president-elect of Freedom of Information Oklahoma, an open records and government transparency nonprofit. Previously, he worked as a managing editor, assistant editor and staff reporter at several major Oklahoma newspapers. Debates over American energy policy often center on the environment and independence.

But states like Oklahoma depend on petroleum — especially workers in the oil and gas fields. Technology has fueled a boom and revolutionized production, but the task of extracting oil and gas is still hands-on, high-pressure and high-risk. Politicians argue over industry regulation, but workplace safety discussions are often below the surface.

Scam Alert There is a current growing global trend of cyber-crime and unfortunately in the case of Nigeria, the NNPC is prime target for use as a cover story in many of the instances.

Twitchell was arrested on October 31, , [9] and charged with the first degree murder of Altinger on the same day. The document begins with the passage: The names and events were altered slightly to protect the guilty. This is the story of my progression into becoming a serial killer. It also describes the process of dismembering the victim’s body and his numerous attempts to dispose of the remains. During his trial, Twitchell admitted to killing Altinger and authoring the document.

However, he contended that he acted in self-defense and that much of the document was a fictionalization of the events. He claimed that the mindset of the narrator, which portrayed the killing as deliberate and intentional, was sensationalized in an attempt to make a more compelling novel. He was able to escape with his life. Crown prosecutors had not immediately decided if they would pursue the charge of attempted murder upon securing a conviction of first degree murder since a conviction of attempted murder would not add to the life sentence Twitchell had already received.

The decision to drop the second charge may seem odd to those who have followed the case closely. Detectives were adamant they had gathered a mountain of evidence — much of it revealed during the murder trial — while even Twitchell himself admitted on the witness stand to committing the attack. In preparing the case for trial, the Crown had argued in court for both the attempted murder and first-degree murder charges to be heard simultaneously as they were part of the same “transaction” of allegedly becoming a serial killer.

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Brutal environments and intense competition that push the limits of engineering and material science. I think that the photo above tells a very interesting story and also illustrates an important point I’m sure that avid fans of racing will already understand the rigors of that environment, but I expect that the casual observer like me has little regard for it. I think that most people would appreciate the dedication, skill and teamwork required to succeed in a race as monumental as the Indy , but I wonder how many realize how challenging the task really is to complete.

Forget about the fact that the speeds are insanely high, that the difference between holding the line or not is a fraction of a twitch of the hands or feet, and look again at the photo above. Notice all the black scarring all over the car from the tire and track debris and picture that same debris continuously bouncing off your face mask as you are traveling at well over MPH and trying to hold that line and keep up with the best drivers and teams in the world

I have been dating a guy who works offshore. We started chatting when he was offshore for more than a month. I lived in Singapore and he lives in Malaysia, when he is off work, I .

Repsol is a global energy company located in over 30 countries with a workforce of over 40, people from 70 different nationalities. The companys new vision seeks the well being of people and leads the way in building a better future through the development of intelligent energy. All of Repsols operations are guided by core values of Integrity, Responsibility, Transparency, Flexibility and Innovation. The companys Health Safety and Environmental Policy are guided by the principles of: Leadership and Integrated Management Inclusion of Health, Safety and Environmental criteria in the complete business cycle Compliance with Standards Continued improvement Communication and Community RelationsRepsol is proud to be voted as the Worldwide Energy Leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for 2 consecutive years achieving the highest score for transparency in These fields have a long history of oil and gas production dating from the s and Repsol has continued to maximise production through significant investments and robust strategies.

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are managed with high standards of sustainability that impacts positively the communities where we operate as well as the national economy.

7th Oilfield Services Law Conference

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Feb 11,  · A 21 year old who makes $, annual is having trouble finding a steady girl in the Bakken oilfields. Cappy comes to the rescue. Got a question?

Oilfield Equipment Museum Wireline Unit Typical small wireline unit used during the ‘s and ‘s to service Canadian oil and gas wells, many of which were hot, sour and deep. Cable Tool Rig After drilling a foot Exploratory well, this American Cable Tool Rig built in Erie, Pennsylvania, was abandoned in on a drilling site at the junction of the House and Athabasca rivers when an early Edmonton-based oil company went bankrupt.

A copy of the first annual report of the Northern Production Co. Coyne, contained not only a picture of the rig, but a photo of the view to the south taken from atop the rig. After studying the photo in , Stan Kondratiuk arranged for a helicopter to be manoeuvred until the view matched that in the photo and then landed in the nearest open area.

The rig was less than two hundred feet away!

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North Central Kansas Technical College In , Kansas legislation was passed, which provided vocational-technical education. Senate Bill , in conjunction with the National Education Act SB , approved the establishment of sixteen vocational-technical schools and nineteen community colleges in the state of Kansas. Classes began in the fall of with five programs being offered. The same locations, the same quality education, but a new name with new directions was designed to enhance the educational opportunities for the region.

Our Hays Campus was established in and traditionally provided technical education to students in Ellis and surrounding counties.

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An excellent geologic example for hydrocarbon remigration is shown. Abstract The physical mechanisms responsible for hydrocarbon migration in carrier beds are well understood. However, secondary migration is one of poorly understood facets in petroleum system. The Carboniferous Donghe sandstone reservoir in the Tarim Basin’s Hudson oilfield is an example of a secondary or unsteady reservoir; that is, oil in this reservoir is in the process of remigration, making it a suitable geologic system for studying hydrocarbon remigration in carrier beds.

Experimental methods including grains containing oil inclusions GOI , quantitative grain fluorescence QGF and quantitative grain fluorescence on extract QGF-E — together with the results from drilling, logging and testing data — were used to characterize the nature of oil remigration in the Donghe sandstone. The results show that 1 significant differences exist between paleo- and current-oil reservoirs in the Donghe sandstone, which implies that oil has remigrated a significant distance following primary accumulation; 2 due to tectonic inversion, oil remigration is slowly driven by buoyancy force, but the oil has not entered into the trap entirely because of the weak driving force.

Oil scarcely enters into the interlayers, where the resistance is relatively large; 3 the oil-remigration pathway, located in the upper part of the Donghe sandstone, is planar in nature and oil moving along this pathway is primarily distributed in those areas of the sandstone having suitable properties. Residual oil is also present in the paleo-oil reservoirs, which results in their abnormal QGF-E. A better understanding of the characteristics of oil remigration in the Donghe sandstone in the Hudson oilfield can contribute to more effective oil exploration and development in the study area.

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