How to Change the Strength of an Invisible Fence

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PetTech PT0Z1 Dog Training Kit

Or, would this be a reasonable choice for your particular dog? Now, first things first. Regarding what I think of Invisible Fences, personally, the short answer is that I am not a huge fan. We will discuss the reasons for this below.

3 ICT Transmitter Installation Features and Functions The ICT Invisible® pet containment system is designed for a system with a single signal field wir e that may consist of up to 2, feet(m) of

An invisible fence helps train your dog to stay in permitted areas. The dog soon learns to stop when he hears the warning to avoid the shock. The shock should only be strong enough to startle the dog, not enough to cause real pain. The strength of the fence is changed by adjusting the shock level of the receiver worn on the dog’s collar, the warning alarm field of the transmitter control box and the size of the metal prongs used.

Step 1 Push the button on the receiver. A light on the receiver will flash. Push the button again within five seconds of the first push and the light will flash from one to five times. That will tell you the current correction level. Push it again within five seconds and the correction level will change. For example, push the button; the light with flash once. Push it again, and it will flash three times, indicating a level 3 correction. Push it again, and it will flash four times indicating an increase to a level 4 correction.

After level 5, the receiver reverts to level 1, which is a warning alarm only, with no shock.

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The Transmitter Box. The transmitter box (also often referred to as the Control Box) is the point of control for your entire system. The transmitter creates the signal that runs through the wires and forms the boundary that your dog will learn to stay within.

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What to Do If an Invisible Fence Is Not Working

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Bring your Invisible Fence Brand transmitter and Computer Collar® Receiver with you to your new home and contact us at to install new boundary wire, flag your property and re-train your pet(s) to their new boundaries.

The only time there is a problem is when it quits working. Since the majority of the hidden dog fence is underground, locating a broken wire can be a challenge. How an Invisible Fence Works When you install an invisible fence, special boundary wire is buried around the perimeter of your yard, and the two ends are connected into a transmitter box in your garage or house. The system works by producing a radio signal from the fence transmitter that is sent out through the buried wire.

The dog wears a collar that contains a receiver. When the dog approaches the underground pet fence a warning beep goes off. If he gets too close he will be given a small electric shock. The wiring used in underground fencing for dogs is like the kind of wire used in alarm systems. When the wire breaks, an alert is triggered in the invisible fence transmitter box in your home. Most boxes have a loop indicator light or an alarm that will go off if the loop is broken and the system is not functioning.

Confirm the Break If your invisible fence control box has a blinking light or emits a warning beep, the first thing you want to do is verify if you truly have a break. Begin by making sure the dog fence boundary wire is securely connected into the transmitter box. Next, check the transmitter for damage from electrical surges such as a lightning strike.

Suspicious Activity Detected

The wireless Receiver chimes and flashes when the monitored object is moved. The basic system comes complete with one motion sensor, one receiver, antenna and a power supply. As the need arises however, the system can be quickly and easily upgraded to monitor up to sixteen, 16 sensors simultaneously by purchasing optional motion sensors!

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Wire Break Detection Methods Visual Inspection The usual suspects in terms of wire breaks are edging, weed whackers, aerators, and rodents. Doing a walk of your perimeter looking for indications that there has been digging or trauma along the line can be a quick way to find an obvious break. Breaks are also common where the splices or connections are. Checking the transmitter box connections and places where you know two wires were joined will often reveal the problem 1. Begin at the transmitter.

Follow the wire from the transmitter to the exit point through a wall, door, or window. Carefully inspect the area where the twisted wire exits your home. This is a common area for wire breaks. Follow the twisted dog fence wire examining the ground looking for possible disturbances. Walk the perimeter of your main dog fence loop searching for disturbances in the ground.

Pay close attention to driveway, pathway, sidewalk and heavy foot traffic areas. These are the most common places to find a wire break. Edge lines at driveways and sidewalks are most susceptible to breaks. The kit includes a mini transmitter and an AM radio.

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Connecting the wires to the transmitter. Once you have run your boundary wire around your yard, creating the basic shape of your desired containment area, you should connect the boundary wire to the fence transmitter and confirm the system works properly prior to burying the wire.

Chanda Benjamin May 12, at Doing research and am unclear about t-posts, as I have horse pasture fenced this way, I eAt to do above ground installation, will the t-posts interfere? Can I run the wire thru the insulators if they are set at ground level? Will the hot horse wire interfere? To further complicate things I live in a mobile home and have a metal roof, I do have a cement block basement. Can I set it in the basement?

My barn also has a galvanized metal roof, and I believe the house roof is aluminum. Should I get the receiver outside? So much to figure out. I have 3 large dogs to contain on 8 acres. We recommend installing the transmitter inside a waterproof area that does not drop below freezing connected to an electrical outlet.

Developers’ Foresight

Level Phillips head screwdriver or power drill 1 Choose a good location for your transmitter. See my article on planning your installation for more guidance. Measure the distance between the screw holes on the back of your transmitter.

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