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After several dating, Yung Berg got the serious complications from only one Posted by MarriedBiography In Affair , Dating , Relationship Yung Berg is one of the well-known and famous figures in the industry who had dated many of the beautiful and hot celebs ladies. With no doubt, he is not a gay and his long term relationship history has more ups and downs. Handling these all, one of his relationships is found more complicated and he faced many problems on it. Though he has handled many other relationships before, and have knowledge or experience, he failed to handle one of his most complicated relationships. His complicated relationship Berg was linked up with many gorgeous and hot celebs and after having much experience on dating purpose, one relationship totally broke him down. After this, he is found rare to be dating someone.

Erica Mena’s Super See-Through Dress Is A Creative Twist On Being Actually Naked (PHOTOS)

What a beautiful view: Nudist beaches were never so crowded with stunning forms as in this year Welcome to the unique section of womans locker rooms! Here you will see everything that was hidden before! Watch the naked girls changing their clothes in front of you

VH1 Returns To The Big Apple With “Love & Hip Hop” The New Season of “Love & Hip Hop” Premieres January 7th At 8PM NEW YORK, Dec. 4, — VH1’s popular docu-series “Love & Hip Hop” is back in.

They are living their lives in front of us. We were taught to be discreet and have some integrity and not put everything out there and to have some respect about how you carry yourself. But now with social media, the game is constantly changing. Mona Scott-[Young] has done an amazing job with the brand and with the franchise and now you see people like myself who can come on the show and be very credible. What misconception do you think a lot of people have about the music business?

What a lot of people do not understand about the music business is that it is not easy. So for the people that are successful at it, you have to respect them because they are working very hard. Creating hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit is very difficult. This music business requires a lot of commitment.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Atlanta cast members The cast of the seventh season, from left to right, top to bottom: Atlanta is a ” docu – soap ” [17] that revolves around the everyday lives of women and men in hip hop ‘s ” dirty south “. Subsequent seasons expanded to include DJs and radio personalities , stylists , video vixens , glamour models , groupies and socialites.

Jan 04,  · “Love and Hip Hop” (yeah, we suck at knowing about TV and had to Google it, too) star Erica Mena is a model who clearly knows how to work with what she’s got.

I was wondering the same thing to myself. When was Remy ever a fashion girl? Cardio32 I know right? I gave him the side eye. Homeboy will use any excuse so he can have space from LiL Mo. Cardio32 About time Self put some gloss on those Sahara Desert lips. She looks pretty with the high ponytail or a short to her neck china bob hairstyle and no bang.

Cardio32 Maybe Safaree has short-term memory. Cardio32 She is the voice of reason. Cardio32 Yes I agree, maybe the entertainment God will hear us and make it happen. She wears the blue hair better and her music is actually good. Cardio32 That made Bianca look suspect. Chloe Jolie Great deflection Bianca….

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost fired from ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’

She was, at that time, an endearing sort of character on the show. You honestly felt somewhat bad for her, too. How did Marcus become the victim because she kissed Boobie, enough to the point that she had to fight to get him back, but he was out here with a whole other woman on the side she had to have him dismiss? She went through a lot last season.

During the taping of ‘Love and Hip Hop’ reunion show, Lovely MiMi and Jessica Dime get into a physical altercation and the DNA results for Jasmine’s son are revealed.

Equipped with over 10 years of industry experience, the media mogul, entrepreneur, and TV personality continues to build her brand, while adding the titles Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Producer to her resume. However, it’s been hard to juggle it all with two kids to take care of on her own. As Yandy continues to provide for her family, she must face all the adversity that comes along with having a relationship and working in the music industry, especially with Mendeecees battling the legal system.

First debuting on the rap scene in under the mentorship of Fat Joe and Big Pun, Remy’s street-inspired realness has always made her a favorite. The very next year, Remy began to work on her highly anticipated sophomore project putting her in arms’ reach of the hip hop throne but her career came to a screeching halt after being convicted for a shooting incident. Remy Ma was sentenced to an eight-year term at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, but managed to wed long-time boyfriend and Brooklyn rapper, Papoose, before her incarceration.

After her career was sidetracked by a very lengthy prison sentence, the rapper was forced to turn her life around. After serving six and a half years, Remy Ma was released in August and wasted no time getting right back in the studio. Collaborating with DJ Khaled and reuniting with super producer Swizz Beatz, Remy was slowly putting her name back on the map.

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However, drama seems to be following the reality star even after the cameras are turned off. The latest reports claim that despite Erica ‘s departure, a feud between her and a current cast mate is brewing. Erica’s stint on “Love and Hip Hop New York”, which began from the show’s second season, was definitely a colorful and controversial one. Initially involved with Cyn Santana and Rich Dollaz, the last season saw the reality star trying to escape all the drama that she had created.

Fresh reports claim that the starlet is at odds with not only the show’s producers, but also her former cast mate, Yandy Smith.

Just as we’ve gotten over some of the foolery from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 1, it seems as though the third installment of Love and Hip Hop New York is well on it’s way and ready to give it’s spinoff a run for it’s money. For the starters, feisty model Erica Mena is back and it looks as tho.

I guess instead the bitch was more interested in the check her fat ass was about to receive. What were they even fighting about? It looked like nothing. Thalia Girl Bye- Your mama was the bug that crawled up my ass and died! Lol lil bihh u commented and I commented on yo shit! True he must have been shooting in concert. Double fuckery double coins I guess.

Thanks for bringing that to my attention love. At first I thought they had a fake relationship for tv but have u seen the bonus scene? Dam som fokes really be aging like milk Deano Fergi Who watched the bo us scene?

Why Love & Hip Hop star Amara La Negra says dating is so hard

New York cast members The cast of the ninth season, from left to right: New York revolves around the everyday lives of women working in the male-dominated world of hip hop. The first two seasons focus on the personal and professional struggles of four women, two of which are girlfriends of famous rappers, and two are aspiring recording artists.

It is no surprise to many that the rap industry has a lot of content that is deemed unhealthy for the minds of the young. Whether they are talking about women, money, violence, or drugs, Rap has been vilified by people who haven’t delved deeper than what they see on .

We walk up to introduce ourselves, and within seconds Brooklyn has responded by sinking his teeth into the arm of this suddenly less-intrepid reporter. It has since spread to three other cities and featured more than cast members — including Cardi B, Soulja Boy, Remy Ma, Keyshia Cole, Stevie J and many more — several of whom got their own spinoff series. More than most reality series, for both its cast and its viewers, the show exists in a netherworld somewhere between entertainment and therapy, fantasy and reality.

Cameras are set up; cables are taped to walls and floors and ceilings; crew members bustle in and out and up and around as the house becomes a set. Subscribe Today How real is reality TV? For the next half hour, we hide out of sight in the library while the scene is shot in one long, semi-improvised take, with the crew silently following Budden and Santana from one room to another and back as they have a serious talk that often verges into a tearful argument. It centers on a common dilemma: We were among the last ones out the door, leaving Budden, Santana and Lex sitting on the front steps of their home that doubles as a reality-TV set or vice versa , snuggled together in a scene of domestic bliss, without a camera in sight.

I thank God that we were able to give my son this life. Do you wanna say more?

Erica Mena & Sky are so close, you’d swear they’re dating! #LHHATL #LHHNY #BlackInkCrew